The Honda Matching Gift Program

Helping Your Community

Honda’s Community Support Philosophy
It is the philosophy of Honda to encourage a sense of social responsibility in each associate and to honor our obligations to the communities in which we do business.
Honda has established a Matching Gift Program to honor that philosophy and to recognize individual associate’s efforts to support nonprofit, charitable organizations within their communities.  Honda’s Matching Gift Program will help improve the quality of each community in which we live and work.

Matching Gift Program

Honda will match personal monetary donations to eligible organizations on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to an annual maximum of $1,000 per fiscal year.  The minimum personal donation that will be matched is $50.  The maximum personal donation that will be matched is $1,000. 
(For example, if you donate $100 to an eligible organization, Honda will also donate $100.)

How to submit a Matching Gift 

Step 1.  Complete Part A of the Online Form Below.
Step 2.  At the bottom of the form click "Submit Application" (Corporate Community Relations will be notified) and you will receive a confirmation and option to print your application.
Step 3.  Print the Application and mail it along with your donation, or proof of donation, directly to the recipient organization.

For a complete copy of the Terms and Conditions, click HERE




Select the type of non-profit organization who will receive your matching gift (check only one per application).  Eligible organizations include not-for-profit institutions and organizations located in the United States that are recognized as having tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code.  For more information, see Terms and Conditions.  Please select only one.




Contribution minimum is $50 and the maximum is $1,000. Donations to eligible organizations will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to a maximum of all combined donations not to exceed $1,000 per associate per fiscal year.